About Shopper

Local Retail Platform


Supercharging Local Retail with Simplicity. Shopper accelerates the evolution of traditional retail to shift into hybrid retail. Fast setup - Shopper transforms brick-and-mortar shops into a hybrid store in a matter of minutes! So start selling from day one as a hybrid shop. Everything is automatic behind the scenes, from supplier information to logistics and digital exposure. Intuitive - It is a dynamic and comprehensive experience tailored to each retailer, giving them a seamless end-to-end setup process. Shopper predicts the store's needs and automatically applies a solution using our unique AI and ML algorithms. Easy - Streamlining brick-and-mortar transformation, no previous knowledge required. Shopper’s digital exposure method is designed to connect the local shop’s products to the local community’s consumers.

Our mission is to empower local shops in their communities for a more sustainable way of doing retail

We aim to accelerate local retailers and consumers with the next-generation commerce ecosystem. Shopper analyzes all product data, consumer behavior, and location-based information using machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a result, it automates the critical pain points of onboarding, exposure, and day-to-day needs.

Hybrid retail ecosystem. The offline retail consumption market is 19T$ and is expected to transition into hybrid Omni-channels; the modern consumers are increasingly purchasing via mobile, shifting the market into hybrid retail systems. The eCommerce market is only 15% of total retail purchases; it will be 95% by 2040! Due to complex and outdated online solutions, only 3% of brick-and-mortar SMB retailers shifted online in 2021. Over 90% of the total brick-and-mortar SMB retailers struggle to change into a hybrid shop. The market is going through a drastic transformation in the way we shop. The current solutions in the market provide a wide range of separate tools tailored to those with knowledge and affinity for technology. Shopper solves all this with one innovative platform anyone can use.